our superb school garden

The Green Club started a new project this term – a vegetable garden! The learners were very excited about this idea as it meant that they would be hands on. They started brainstorming and came up with brilliant ideas. The club started by coming up with aims for the garden. These were:

•  the garden must be visually appealing

•  it should promote awareness of healthy eating habits

•  it should promote skill and knowledge development in the learners

•  it should encourage parents who are interested to become involved in the school nutrition programme.

garden 1

The students developed an action plan. Together with school foreman, Andrew, and environmental group, Thrive, they started by planting seeds in 2 litre coke bottles that had been cut in half in order to grow seedlings. Many of these seedlings have since been transferred to beds. Thrive, also partnered with us in planting trees and flowers and starting a compost heap.

They are also training our foreman and two learners, as well as preparing them for the Enviro Quiz. We are proud that in a short space of time the Green Club has made significant strides in growing a vegetable garden and developing the “green” interest of learners.

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