The Code of Conduct is an expression of the core values and principles that will be upheld at Silikamva High School.  The code is a statement that governs all of the day-to-day behaviour, interaction and decision making at the school.

Each learner and parent must sign the Code of Conduct to indicate acceptance of it and an undertaking to support it and follow the behaviour indicated by it.  Learners are encouraged to understand its implications both at school and outside of school.  They are encouraged to assimilate it into their lives in all contexts.

The use of the Code of Conduct is as a framework for establishing a positive working environment that promotes and encourages academic learning and value-based personal development.

The Code of Conduct applies to all learners in the school and learners should expect to be held to account for the actions, behaviour and attitude in terms of this code.  Should the code not be adhered to, there will be consequences.  Such consequences should be well-thought through and managed without punitive action as the intent.  They should encourage accountability and self-reflection rather than resentment and antagonism.

The Silikamva School environment will be a place where every person is treated with dignity, respect and care.

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