Extramural Activities

One of the most important aspects of a solid education—as Silikamva sees it—are those moments outside the formal learning of the classroom. True education, knowledge about the world and about yourself, is often found in a song, a veggie patch, a soccer team or a dance routine. That’s why extramural activities are such an important part of what a school can offer.

We are very pleased to be able to provide our students with experiences and opportunities outside of the stipulated curriculum to broaden their experiences of their world and themselves. We are fortunate enough to provide a wide variety of options to suit all tastes. On the sporting front we have a very enthusiastic soccer team who won their last game 8-5 against Zonnebloem High, a volleyball team who are already representing us in matches, a netball group, a golf team and a casual running club.

If dance is your thing, teachers are on hand for ballroom dance, drum majorettes or gumboot dancing. Those less inclined to sweat can choose from a drama group run by ArtsReach, our regular Lalela Art Group who are well known in Hout Bay, the mural painting group run by Ms. Little, our science teacher, a movie club once a week showing short docu-dramas, our fantastic green club with veggie patches around the school, or the school choir.

A reading club has been set up in partnership with the Little Lambs crèche next door for our students to spread literacy as a shared source of joy with the younger children of Mandela Park. Each day there is a spread for the students to choose from.

Being such a new school, it is quite a lofty aim to offer a lot of extra-mural activities. However, Silikamva students already involved are showing their quality and having fun in the process, whether it be a humorous skit by the choir in assembly or Lalela students having their artwork displayed in town as part of a greater exhibition; our freshly painted classroom murals or our soccer boys delivering another drubbing. Who knows! We may even yet find some help to fix the fantastic swimming pool on our school grounds and be starting water polo, snorkelling lessons, synchronized swimming…you name it come next summer (that’s a hint!). The sky is the limit.

History assignments and algebra may be the currency of official education, but it’s the spaces where students can find their passion and shine where true learning takes place.

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