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The Teachers for Africa Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organization committed to good and inspiring education for underprivileged children who live in the townships surrounding cities such as Cape Town, South-Africa. By offering financial, material and emotional support, children have more opportunities to build a better future for themselves.

TFA2We offer a helping hand in two ways – sponsoring small-scale community projects initiated by local residents and partner schools, and doing volunteer work within the same small-scaled educational projects.

The sponsorship projects, which we support with fundraising, aim to help improve the level of education in school. These projects can include sponsoring of a library, school materials for learners and scholarship funds for promising students by giving them a chance to continue their education at university and college.

Our Foundation regards volunteer work as an excellent means of reaching our objectives, because this form of aid also helps to bring direct and real improvements to township classrooms. Education is crucial in the battle against poverty.

TFA1 Our mission: “Making a difference for kids in Africa”

 Sponsoring projects that we are presently raising funds for are:

  • Project school materials

Financial means needed for buying reading books in English of different levels, bookcases, uniforms, calculators, squared paper, pencils, gums etc. All of which essential tools for better education of students from township schools.

  • Project Learner Support Centre 

Financial means are needed for our established Learner Support Centre at Hout Bay High School and the establishment of more Learner Support Centre’s in the near future. Tied into this sponsor project is our special study fund for a number of promising High School students from the township of Imizamo Yethu and our registration fee fund for helping out with the registration fees for University and College. These students who are able to receive these funds have been carefully screened and monitored  by the school and the Learner Support Centre.

Project Volleyball

Financial means will continue to be needed for the further development of this successful project at no less than seven disadvantaged schools in the environment of Cape Town. Providing money for study expenses, volleyball materials, travel expenses for trips to various schools, insurance and other expenses, such as buying contest prizes and so forth.

In addition to funds mentioned above, we also frequently collect useful (second-hand) materials, such as football shoes and volleyball materials, which we transport to Cape Town where they are used within various projects.


  • Teachers for Africa Foundation is not a travel organization or an commercial organisation that offers volunteer work. We are a charitable organization and a not-for-profit organization. Also, the Dutch tax authorities recognize us as a public service organization.
  • The entire board of the foundation consists of volunteers, and thanks to our small scale and efficient working method, there is no rake-off.
  • The foundation works on a cost-cover basis and any funds that become available after the costs have been covered, will be spent on various educational sponsor projects, such as the setting up and continuing of a Learner Support Centre, administrating a study grant fund for promising pupils, etc.

For more info go to: www.teachersforafrica.org

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