Wish List

There are a range of possibilities on this page from physical involvement to financial and other contributions of varying sizes. Some could happen soon, others might be part of a long-term drive. As a non fee-paying school, all staff are employed by the department and therefore our staff compliment entirely dependent on this allocation. Having the means to employ additional staff is a long-term component of the school that will become more apparent in the future. It would be great to have a social worker on the staff for instance. Orders and requests for equipment necessary for the start-up of the school have been made to the department, and clarity on what is in fact issued will only occur in the coming months. Textbooks, exercise books and basic stationery are all supplied. Below are particular areas where department funding will certainly not stretch and outside support will be necessary:

  •  Servicing and renovation of the swimming pool. There is not much structurally wrong with the pool, it just needs a thorough service and cleaning which for a pool that size, is significant.
  • Volunteers for afternoon extramural activities. It is our desire to have an active extramural programme running every afternoon for all students. This requires people. It may be running a reading circle, taking sport, overseeing a cultural activity, or taking arts and crafts – what can you offer?
  • The donation of equipment and material for arts and crafts – materials, cardboard, paints, brushes, paper, etc.
  • A school minibus. This is obviously an expensive one, but a valuable and necessary resource when needing to transport students to and from events.
  • Clearing and cutting back of the playing areas and general surrounds which are very overgrown and wild. This could be done with the hire or borrowing of a few heavy-duty petrol weedeaters, and either a paid work crew of locals or a group of volunteers.
  • Computer equipment for the school computer lab. We have a few basic desktops in the library but we would love to have more.
  • Equipment for a practical skills workroom (carpentry tools etc.)
  • Sports clothing & equipment –many learners don’t have shorts, t-shirts or running shoes for physical education or their afternoon sports practice. If you have outgrown anything, please send it this way. We also need basics such as bags for balls, water bottles and soccer goal posts.
  • Reading books (English and Xhosa)
  • Sponsorship of an outing or camp
  • Sponsorship of school uniform – blazers, ties (subsidize learner costs)
  • Food for extra murals (sarmies, fruit, Oros, biscuits)

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